The life of Agustín de Iturbide

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The beginning

AGUSTÍN DE ITURBIDE WAS BORN in Morelia, Michoacán on September 27, 1783 and began his military career in the "Realist Army" Ejército Realista. He helped to organize the Valladolid Conspiration in 1809 and was also known for his cruelty, especially to prisoners of war.

Political movements

IN 1820, AGUSTÍN DE ITURBIDE TOOK CHARGE OF THE ARMED FORCES to fight against Vicente Guerrero. However, he was not an honest leader and took advantage of his position as general to start a movement of his own, called "El plan de iguala" The equality plan. By September 1821, he had put a stop to the Idependence movement and made a triumphant entry into Mexico City, and in early 1822, he was procaimed Emperor of Mexico


ALTHOUGH HE WAS PROCLAIMED EMPEROR, HIS REIGN WAS SHORT-LIVED. In March of 1823, after abusing the power placed in his hands, he was taken out of office and exiled from Mexico. He spent less than a year exhiled in Italy and then under disguise, returned to Mexico. His disguise was apparently not very good, because in 1824 he was discovered, sentenced and shot to death on July 19, 1824.

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