General Francisco Villa (Doroteo Arango)

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His beginnings

DOROTEO ARANGO was born in a small village called "San Juan del Rio" in the Mexican state of Durango on June 5, 1887. He was rather uneducated, not having attended formal schooling for long, and he worked driving mules at a very young age.

Political movings

IN 1910 ARANGO BECAME PART OF THE REVOLUTION, joining forces with Francisco I Madero. Francisco Villa became known as a great military tactsman and gained a reputation through his campaigns against the then-president of the Mexican Republic Porfirio Díaz. He also led attacks against Victoriano Huerta and Orozco.

More deeds

ARANGO ESCAPED FROM PRISON in early 1913 just before he was to be shot to death. After his prison escape, he joined forces with Venustiano Carranza and from this time until about 1920, he participated in many military attacks. In 1920 he decided to withdraw from such things and lead a more peaceful life, living and working on a ranch. Nevertheless, three years later on July 20, 1923, he was assasinated.

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