General Felipe 聲geles

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Humble beginnings

GENERAL FELIPE 篾GELES WAS BORN in Molango, Hidalgo in 1869 to the Coronel Felipe 聲geles and Juana RAm甏ez. When he was about 14 years old, (in 1883) he joined a military school, and had a full scholarship that had been granted by Porfirio D燰z' Administration.

Serving his country

IN 1904 HE WAS COMISSIONED to travel overseas on several important government missions. One of these commissions was to study the manufacture of smokeless gunpowder in the United States. When the Maderista movement broke out in 1910, 聲geles was in Paris studying engineering. When Francisco I. Madero became president, he ordered 聲geles to return to Mexico to become the captain over Mexico's artillery. At the same time he was sent to the state of Morelos to calm the revolts. When president Madero died and Francisco Villa took power, 聲geles continued to serve his country under the new leadership.

His death

NOT A LOT IS KNOWN about how General Felipe 聲geles died, but popular opinion has it that his last days were passed in great poverty and without the recognition that he deserved for his service to his homeland.

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