Dimensions of the earth

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Surface Area of the Earth
Square kilometers
Square miles
Land surface
148,940,000 km2
57,506,000 mi2
Water surface
361,132,000 km2
139,433,000 mi2
Total surface area of the earth
510,072,000 km2
196,939,000 mi2

Measurements of the Earth
Equatorial circumference
40,075 km
24,902 mi
Polar circumference
40,007 km
24,860 mi
Equatorial diameter
12,756.4 km
7,926.4 mi
Polar diameter
12,713.6 km
7,899.8 mi
Equatorial radius
6,378.2 km
3,963.2 mi
Polar radius
6,356.8 km
3,949.9 mi

The Earth's Distance From the Sun

Although we may have learned at school that the earth is 93 million miles from the sun, the earth's distance from the sun varies according to the time of year, that is, where the earth is at in its orbit around the sun. The orbit is not a perfect circle, but rather an oval making the distance variable.

Earth's Distance from the Sun
Max distance
152,000,000 km
94,600,000 mi
Min distance
147,000,000 km
91,300,000 mi

Earth's Mass and Volume
Mass (weight)
6 * 1021 metric tons
6.6 * 1021 short tons
10.84 *1011 km3
2.6 * 1011 mi3

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