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This Page Shows the Request Headers Sent from your Browser to the Webserver

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Why do I want to know about my HTTP Request Headers?

It is sometimes interesting to know what information your browser is sending, because some webpages will change the content that is displayed according to some of the values of the HTTP Request Headers that are sent from your browser software to the webserver.

NOTE: The values of the headers listed in the following table are the actual values of the headers that were sent from your browser to this webserver while requesting to view this page.

HTTP Request Headers Sent From Your Browser, Plus Explaination
Header Name
Your Header Value
Accept Languageen-US,en;q=0.5This is the preferred language of the browser. Some websites look at this header and change the language of the page according to the accept language. In many browsers you can change the HTTP Accept Language if you look deep enough in the configuration/settins/options. Look here for How To Change My HTTP Accept Language
Accept Encodingbr,gzipThis tells the webserver if your browser is able to accept compressed webpages. This can make a big difference in download time and bandwidth usage. For compressed webpages to be used, the browser must accept them and the webserver must send them. Look here for an easy way to Enable Gzip Compression on your Php Webpages (Saves bandwidth and reduces download times).
User AgentCCBot/2.0 ( identifies the make and model of your browser. Some websites use this information to indirectly know the capabilities of your browser and change (or tailor) the webpage for your best browsing experience.
Some browsers actually allow you to modify the User Agent. For example the Opera browser Allows you to change its identity to Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla.
HTTP ConnectionYour browser did not send this request headerDefines the type of connection your browser wants to establish with the webserver.
Hostwww.reliply.orgThis is the host or domain name that the browser is attempting to connect to.
Request MethodGETThis can be GET, POST, PUT or HEAD. GET is the "normal" method for viewing a webpage. POST can be used to send form data and the HEAD request method is for retrieving only the headers of a page instead of downloading the entire page.

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