Glossary of Terms used in the Search Engine Optimization Industry.

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SEO Glossary
Search EngineA website dedicated to indexing all or some of the websites on the internet, with the purpose of creating a Searchable Index of the websites. The Search Engine users can then search for the words they want and the SE will show them relevant websites.
SEOAn Abbreviation for: Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer
SEAn Abbreviation for: Search Engine
SERPAn Abbreviation for: Search Engine Results Page(s)
BLAn Abbreviation for: Back Link
IBLAn Abbreviation for: In-bound Link
OBLAn Abbreviation for: Out-bound Link
GAn Abbreviation for: Google
GGAn Abbreviation for: Google
Anchor Textfads
Alt Textfads
Search Termfads
Black-hat SEOfads
White-hat SEOfads
301 Redirectfads
302 Redirectfads
Link Exchangefads
Reciprocal Linkingfads
Site-wide Linkfads
Doorway Pagefads
Page Rankfads
Themed Linksfads
Search Engine Optimizerfads
Search Engine Optimizationfads
On-page SEOfads
Off-page SEOfads
Keyword Densityfads
Hidden Textfads
Keyword Saturationfads

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