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Welcome to my website!

Here is my web collection of information. There is a lot of information in the world, and from time to time I have had to look for something that was either not easy to find, or there was so much available, that I was difficult to sort out the good from the bad and find what I was really looking for. So, here I have been collecting and have a rather random stockpile of all kinds of information that is or has been useful to me, mainly for my own benefit, but also for yours. The contents of these pages, are here so I can easily re-find what I have found in the past, and if as a consequence, I provide something useful for you, well, that's just great. So here is my collection of information. Have fun browsing, and I hope you find something interesting to read.

Spanish and Mexico

I have been stuyding Spanish now since 1995 (or earlier- sometimes it's hard to recall) and one of the things I have found both interesting and necissary has been some knowledge of Mexico (our nearest neighbor to the south and a great source of Spanish-learning stuff). So, throughout some of my studies, I have collected some information about some Mexican Heroes.

Programming, the Internet and Computers

Back in college I also studied a little programming. I am interested in Php, C, C++, Perl and SQL, among others (and not necessarily in that order). Here I've got some rambling on Programming & Programming Languages. (Some info and some advice).

I have also had the privilege of setting up several Ethernet networks and have found it quite fun and rewarding. There's always going to be some small thing that goes wrong, that's why I wrote (or am going to write- it's not there yet) this guide to Setting up an Ethernet Network (Coming soon)

And coming back to the world of computing, many of us are using the Windows operating system out of choice or necessity, so here are some tips and shortcuts I have found over the years. Information, Hints, Tips and Shortcuts for Windows. Hopefully they will help you be a more efficient MS Win user.

If you have a website or a personal hompage out there somewhere, I've got just the website tips for you. Here they are Website-Making Tips - Make Yourself Internet-Savvy!

I have long been interested in the internet and networking, and there are many tools, many tricks and much knowledge to be had that can help you diagnose networking problems and the like. I have created (so-far two) tools that can help you and also satisfy that inner craving for more knowledge. Here they are: Webserver/Browser Tools. Right now I have a Request Header Viewer and a Response Header Viewer.

Other interesting things :)

Another interest of mine is Lexography. Here is some info about the physical world we live in. If the World Had an "About" Button. (Statistics and information about earth)

There are so many things you can do on the internet, and now the net has become a viable and even recommendable way to purchase many items. eBay is a reputable online auction site and has become a great resource for me. If you haven't started using them, check out this page on How to Buy and Sell on eBay, you might just get hooked.

One day not to long ago I happened upon the Open Directory Project at www.dmoz.org. This is a community-based project to review and categorize the web, sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation and Netscape. Their license agreement allows virtually anyone to download and use the data from their directory, so here is my test directory. (I was curious how easy it would be to set up a web directory based on their data) and come to find out, it was extremely simple. A Test Web Directory (Based on ODP Data)

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