How To Change The HTTP Accept Language Of Your Browser

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Some Background on HTTP Accept Langauge

First, let's start off with some background on the HTTP-Accept language of a browser. First of all, you might not have known that it existed, but as you go surfing around the internet, you are actually sending a message ahead of time to the servers, declaring what your preferred langauge is to view webpages. Many servers and websites use this information, coupled with Geotargetting (based on your IP address) to serve up specially-tailored pages according to your language preference and physical location.

So, if you speak another language or just want to fool around and see what certain sites will give you, below I have detailed some instructions on how to change the HTTP Accept language of you browser. It's really not that difficult, and if I don't have specific instructions for your favorite browser/OS, feel free to poke around in the preferences/configuration/advanced config etc. I'm sure you will find it after looking long enough. :)

Instructions For Changing Your HTTP Accept Language

How To Change The HTTP Accept Language Of Your Browser
Firefox 1.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) 6.0Ok, this is actually pretty easy. Go to the "Tools" menu and choose "Internet Options". On the "General" tab (the one that shows up first), click the button near the bottom called "Languages..." or something to that effect. A little "Language Preferences" box will pop up and you can first add different languages using the buttom "Add" and then change the order of them in the box. The language at the top will be the preferred language, and the one that websites use to tailor content to you.
Opera 7

If you are interested in seeing what Accept-language your browser is porting right now, feel free to visit the HTTP Request Header Viewing Tool This tool will show you the current Accept-language settings for your browser as well as some other information about your browser.

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